Reseller or Installer Sign-up


All CCTV installers – Installation Referrals


We are looking for CCTV camera installers to register on our site offering installation only to our clients who purchase equipment from CCTV World.


On client request, we forward to registered installers, the details of client and scope of project. Our re-sellers, i.e. installers who also buy from us will, naturally get priority. 

We do not charge for referrals but expect installers to comply with minimum requirements


So if you are an existing CCTV installer, and would like us to refer clients to you for installation, we need the following as outlined below:


Register with us by email to or follow the link


Provide company details and registration.

Provide a reference from 2 or more installation jobs that you have done.

Provide 2 trade references – (goods purchased, hardware or other accounts)


How it all fits together

Once we have received a request for an installation in your territory, we will forward your details to a client and forward clients  details and job summery to you.

You will be expected to do a site inspection, as per normal and provide client with a quote.

If you successfully complete the work, please ask the client to rate you via our installer rating page . This process will be very beneficial to you for future work.


**Join our CCTV installers network today and get the benefits of projects in your area.

**Join as a re-seller and ask our representatives about your reseller price structure.




Reseller or Installer Sign-up

  • Provide company details and registration.
    Tick as many fields you are experienced in order to send your required worked in that field that you have slected.
  • Installation jobs that you have done.
  • (goods purchased, hardware or other accounts)
  • This will give us a better idea what referrals to send where..and the installer to contact when a installation is needed.